Nooten New Ground Center – Governors Island

Installed in LMCC’s Building 110 on Governors Island, the NNGC served as a one-room museum and research facility detailing the changing landscapes and past uses of the island. The NNGC was open to the public during selected weekends throughout the summer of 2011.


NOOTEN – The Dutch called the island Noten, and then Nutten and Nooten, after the variety of nut trees found here.

NEW GROUND – The term New Grounds is used to refer to constructions or additions built upon a pre-existing foundation, Old Grounds. New and Old Grounds are immediately relational and constantly in a state of flux. As soon as a New Ground is put into place on top of or contingent to a previously formed Ground, the earlier Ground then becomes an Old Ground. Old Grounds become New Grounds when the Old re-emerges through the New or if the New is destroyed or otherwise removed.

CENTER – The Center is based on the Old Grounds / New Grounds Theory and aims to raise questions and awareness about the island’s Grounds and to expand the possibilities of our interactions with them. Nooten Eyelant is an exceptional place to analyze Old and New Grounds because of the abundance of visible constructions dating from various periods of history and in ranging stages of decay.

Constructed in Building 110 on Governors Island. Made possible by LMCC’s Swing Space program.

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